Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Copout Post

I've had a couple of friends point out that I haven't posted in a while. As it turns out, I left work early last Tuesday (April 12) to drive to Michigan. I stayed there visiting Michigan State and looking for an apartment in the East Lansing area until Saturday, when I drove home. After that, I've been in class since Monday learning Tcl/Tk (fun stuff!). That only left Sunday for posting, but it was such a beautiful day I had to go out for a ride. So I will get back to normal posting soon...

In the meantime, I would like to point out yet another new feature of Google that is very neat. I've been using Google Maps for a while when looking for a map or directions. The way the image scrolls when you navigate around is a very nice feature. And looking at the satellite images is kind of interesting. As I said, though, I've discovered yet another new feature. It's Google Local. It's essentially a yellow pages type of site, but with the Google Maps feature built in. All listings are labelled on the map for easy reference. You can also view both the map version or a satellite image. Granted, like any map site, it's not perfect. For instance, the location of Foodee's Pizza in Essex Junction, VT is actually where a tea shop is. Since Foodee's is in a strip mall, though, I think it's close enough. The good folks at Google continue to amaze me.


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