Monday, April 11, 2005

Why I like Google better than Yahoo

So, I just stumbled across a "search engine" called The front page looks like Google, but the logo makes it clear that it's a blend of Yahoo and Google. In fact, all this engine does is split the screen into two, showing you Google's results on one side and Yahoo's results on the other. Kind of neat if you want to do a quick comparison of the results.

One this this site does is to reaffirm two reasons why I like Google better than Yahoo. First, Google is faster. Every time I entered new criteria, Google returned results before Yahoo did. Second, Google is more accurate. For example, I was looking for an article I had seen on Slashdot reporting that 99.8% of complaints received by the FCC came from one small, conservative activist group. So the search criteria was "slashdot fcc complaints one group." On Google, the correct article is the first link listed. On Yahoo, this article was not even in the top 100 listed. There were several links that were referring to this story. And number 42 was a search result from Slashdot that contained a link to the story. But the story itself was not to be found by Yahoo. Those are the two big reasons I prefer Google.


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