Thursday, July 07, 2005

But It's In The Dictionary...

I read this post and was so utterly astonished that I had to reprint the letter in question in full here. It all started with Ouachita Parish Police Juror Mack Calhoun saying, "If I ask for six trucks they came they didn't try to Jew me down." That caused a nice little brouhaha in Louisiana. But then, wordsmith J.O. Antley came to the rescue:

In reference to Mack Calhoun's statement, where he used the word "jew" in discussing the purchase price of an item, I have waited for people in his district to come out in his defense. I have known Calhoun for many years. I know he is a fine Christian man. He would never do or say anything to offend anyone.

The word "jew" in negotiation prices has been used in our family since I can remember. It is hard for me not to say it in normal conversation. The full definition of "jew" from the dictionary is as follows: 1. To persuade to take a low price by haggling: with down. 2. To get a better of a bargain.

We need more public servants like Calhoun to stand up for what is right.

J.O. Antley

West Monroe

It turns out Mr. Antley is correct. "Jew" is in the dictionary with nearly that meaning (specifically the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language):

jew (joo)
tr.v. Offensive jewed, jew·ing, jews

1. To bargain shrewdly or unfairly with. Often used with down.
2. To haggle so as to reduce (a price). Often used with down.

Obviously, Mr. Antley failed to look up "Offensive" in that same dictionary. Ignoring that, I'm going to apply Mr. Antley's logic here: Mr. Antley is an ignorant, anti-Semitic idiot. Mr. Antley couldn't possibly be offended by me saying that because those words are, after all, in the dictionary.

I read this and felt that I had to agree with Mike the Mad Biologist. This is the hardcore Republican base. This is the Southern strategy. Yes, the Republican party is the party of the big tent. They have room for everyone, even anti-Semites and racists. That is why I can't vote Republican. I cannot, in clean conscience, vote for a candidate who welcomes such people as supporters.


At 8:48 PM, Blogger Mike the Mad Biologist said...

Hah! I convinced someone. All that blogging is worth it...


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