Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Schneier on the British Terror Plot

I found this post by Bruce Schneier to be extraordinarily interesting. It wasn't that there was anything there I hadn't heard before. What struck me as interesting was his use of the phrase, "pissed off." I've been reading his blog daily for about 9 months now. He is not the type of person to toss out borderline obscenities unless something has gotten very far under his skin. In fact, I think it may be the first one he has used since I've been reading.

As he points out in his post, the timing of the arrests seem to have resulted from the U.S. government, possibly for political reasons. Yet we have heard very little of this here. Instead, we get to hear story after story about a guy who didn't kill a little girl but thinks he did.

I share Schneier's anger about the arrests. I like the term that he frequently uses, "security theater." It refers to actions that make us feel safer while adding no real security. I'm sad to say that I think that's exactly what we'll have to accept until January 2009 at the earliest.


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