Sunday, September 25, 2005

While You're Reading...

Here are a few interesting stories and posts. I don't really have much to add, so I'll just put the links here:

A funny (may insightful) post about how conservatives make themselves feel morally superior to liberals. An excerpt:

"You can throw in loving America, believing in God, and watching sports, if you like, and you do like. Now comes the most important part. This is the sign that you are a true saint on earth. You go about loudly approving of it all. It doesn't truly count unless you talk about how good it is to be good in the ways you happen to be good. From there, the next step is easy. You simply have to believe that Liberals don't approve of any of it."

Bottled water leads to more cavities. Why? Bottled water doesn't have fluoride like tap water does...

A great post from a Christian on why premarital sex is a good thing. The short summary: Marriage is about more than just sex and the two shouldn't be conflated.

The six dumbest ideas in computer security. It turns out that making your computer network completely open by default is a bad idea. Wow, can't imagine why...

One perfect reason why I have a serious problem with the Catholic church: Cardinal Bernard Law actually got a vote to become Pope. Disgusting.

Why invading Iraq was a bad idea. Now that there's a serious concern with Iran, how are we going to do anything? We don't have the resources to have wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran simultaneously. And I don't see that we'd have quite the international backing either. Spoiled international political capital. That's the new definition of Iraq.


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