Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What a Wacky Week

First, Peyton breaks the Foxboro curse, sending the defending champs to 4-4. Cool.

Then, Kansas decides to go all stupid again. I'm guessing what happened last time they did this will happen again: Last time, all the board members that pulled this crap got voted out in the next election. I would also like to direct you to this comments page. Crooked Timber is cool, I recommend them. You've got to love a blog that makes comments like, "Unfortunately they didn’t adopt my suggestion that science be further redefined to include sitting at home drinking a beer and watching the game on TV. This would have greatly enhanced my weekend contributions to science." Seriously, though, I do like that Crooked Timber's discussions tend to be, on the whole, more civilized than most blogs...

Speaking of voting education board members out for pushing intelligent design, some good folks in Pennsylvania did just that. Eight pro-ID Republicans out. Eight Democrats in.

And, yesterday's election results show a lot of victories for Democrats. Of course, Ohio and Texas had to be idiots make poor choices as usual. As a whole, though, could this be a sign of things to come? Could we be making the first few steps out of the modern Dark Ages? Could I make any more hyperbolic extrapolations based on a single day's off-year election results?

Update: I just saw yet another wacky story. Thai officials held a wedding ceremony for two pandas. No word yet from American fundamentalists ranting about the "sanctity of marriage" and how it should be protected from the moral dangers of sex with animals... Damn, I hate it when I can't think of a clever wording for a witticism.


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